Release the Kraken

Episode 1

Slant Eyed Pimp

…In which the party is introduced as members of RTK Security. Employed by the Extropian corporation Saturn Eliptical Products (SEP) to protect The Geisha, a Red-Market scum barge floating with Phellan’s Recourse around the Saturn system. Their direct superior is Magushi san (aka Mr. Magu, the S.E.P. himself).

Release the Kraken is (in descending initiative order):

  • Doctor Zaius – Uplifted Chimp, ex Planetary Consortium scientist in hiding in the outer system after committing humanitarian crimes against the Barsoomian underclass on Mars. He uses his expertise in the field of WMDs to help screen The Geisha from the most disastrous kinds of threats. (not present this adventure)
  • Arthur a.k.a Kulu – Uplifted Pacific Octopus, made by SEP to be a custom-built security specialist to protect their interests on The Geisha.
  • Karlstad Fintorp – Extropian social engineer, wearing a second-hand Ghost morph. Originally of spotty parentage and of questionable background, he seems to be a team player now that he has a bit more to lose.
  • Tasha – an “Uncle-Tom” infomorph, she disturbingly wears a neotenic morph (technically a pod due to it’s cyberbrain) and brokers ego’s into slavery with the 9-lives consortium. As a day job, she runs all aspects of electronic security on The Geisha (not present this adventure)
  • Edgardo Mabuse – A one-time sleeper agent for the Jovians, Mabuse was rescued by RTK somewhere in the off-camera background before he was extracted back to his former employers. Now he uses his applied knowledge of demolitions and security spoofing to aid RTK in dealing with the day-to-day dangers of protecting a Red Market.

Triads, a major participant in the market, have been pushing for the Red Market to go more red, and fall under the control of criminal elements. SEP and their Extropian investors attempt to keep things orderly and demonstrate their value to the ship’s shareholders by keeping the market secure.

Of course their services seem more valuable if there is a clear and pressing danger, so RTK never lets things get too quiet or complacent.

During the course of one ordinary and routine daycycle aboard The Geisha, RTK follows suspicious visitors, profiles merchants and shoppers on the market, harasses VIPs whom have made the mistake of traveling under the wrong stolen identity, and generally help keep chaos to a medium.

During one deal-gone-wrong, shit breaks spectacularly. A petty vendetta sets a nano-plague lose in one of the ships many modular compartments, and Kulu hoses the scene down with bullets. Mabuse and Fintorp seal out the compartment and jettison it, while (narratedly) Tasha remote pilots an Arachnoid Shell to steer it away from the rest of the ship. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, the offending customer is blacklisted, and insurance is paid out.

Just as things are cooling down and after everyone has gone back to their individual routines, there are several simultaneous alerts of assaults being perpetrated – and the victims match the character’s descriptions! Each of the team assumes the other are being hit, but upon responding to the violence they discover that it was actually a group of uncanny lookalikes that have been variously assassinated or kidnapped.

The trouble hasn’t stopped though, the Ultimate Mercs that performed the hit are gunning for the RTK team just in case they got the wrong target. The titular Kraken ends up in the healing vat after the ensuing firefight. Mabuse sees the fleeing Mercs off by launching a seeker full of nano-deconstructers at one of their fleeing shuttles, and takes advantage of the carnage by assembling a secondhand franken-morph from pieces of fallen Ultimates – and upgrades to a slightly used Remade.



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