Release the Kraken

Episode 9

Welcome to Firewall

  • RTK hops through the Vulcanoid gate
  • Given new identities as a “lost” Gate Crashing team
  • The Promethian AI that contacted Tasha arranges for their “scheduled” hops to Olaf to be redirected to one of it’s worlds, and from there they are sent to Fissure Gate on Oberon
  • The Promethian ensures they can not be tracked back by “pulsing” the destination gate before they arrive, causing massive damage to the gate facility on the other side
  • RTK’s new identites have some Extropian insurance polices that get them out of there without too many questions
  • Cred is burned to outfit with heavy arms and equipment. It doesnt feel too bad since they didnt have to work for the cred to get it. Due to the presence of the Autonomist controlled Gate, arms are not hard to come by
  • Backups and egocasting is not available locally; a virus very similar to the one RTK used against the Sleeving facility on Extropia recently struk here.
  • RTK is targeting a weaponized form of the TITAN code that was brought back from Logos, and they need to get to an Ultimate destroyer in orbit of Oberon
  • Mabuse ID’s some crew that is supposed to be rotated aboard, and Tasha does some hacking to re-route them and take their place
  • Poe, the Smart Crow from Episode 0 makes an appearance at the spaceport lounge. Since he wasnt played up very strongly originally, and a scene with the salvaged hulk of Leviathan-12 was left on the cutting floor, it falls a little flat.
  • RTK docks with the destroyer aboard a shuttle, upon arrival the ship greets Mabuse as himself — not as his “new” identity
  • Mabuse sort-of-but-not-really-but-actually-really-but-not betrays RTK to the crew of the Destroyer. Massive firefight ensues as they fight their way to the ship’s backup bridge
  • Tasha uses a plasma rifle in close quarters to devastating effect. Bulkheads are breached. Days are made.
  • Zaius works his way through the entire catalog of seekers, with only minimal splash damage to the party. Did I say minimal? Karls needs to be revived with some quick nano-surgery.
  • The backup bridge is no longer a bridge, but has been replaced with an infestation of the same crystaline computronium substrate that was seen at Logos.
  • RTK decides to exit to space via a hatch, and byass the bridge straight to the engine room
  • By this time, it is very clear that the ship is populated by forks-of-forks of the forks that Mabuse created back on Extropia. They have retrieved the TITAN programming that he and Tasha secreted away back in Episode 2, and have weaponized (with the help of Gurian — the AI researcher that Tasha and Mabuse stole a fork from back on the Souvlaki) it to use against his enemies at Jupiter.
  • Long story short: Engineering is taken. Tasha steers the ship for a crash-course into Uranus. It is decided that the deep atmosphere there make the risk of the TITAN infection spreading to Uranus negleagable. Waves of “Ultimate” Mabuse forks are fought off.
  • Short story long: Anything by Dickens (Okay, stole that from KoL)
  • The metalic hydogen fuel is blown, destroying the aft half of the ship and killing all of RTK — except Karls whom’s cyberbrain is recovered and brought back to Oberon
  • Rest of RTK is resleved at the Vulcanoid gate facility (last backup). Karls resleeved at Oberon. Congratulations. Good work. Welcome to Firewall.
  • What? I thought you said this wasn’t going to be a Firewall campaign.
  • Mabuse is not resleeved. But other forks of him around the solar system begin building a network…

Fin. Curtain. Players take a bow.



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