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Episode 0 In which the crew of the Leviathan-12 travels to Logos

Episode 1 Wherein we meet the members of RTK and their unfortuneate doubles

Episode 2 In which RTK visits Logos and recovers pieces of TITAN programs

Episode 3 During which a much needed vacation turns out not to be a vacation at all

Episode 4 Wherein elbows are rubbed with exhumans on behalf of always-friendly Overwatch

Episode 5 When stacks are stolen, rivalries exploited, and exhumans framed

Episode 6 In which secrets are sold, battles are fought on Reha, and mutinies are assisted

Episode 7 Where the viability of Ego backups are given cause to be questioned

Episode 8 During which the nature of one’s own identity is suspect, and an aerostat looses its bouyancy

Episode 9 In which Uranus is TITANed

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