Release the Kraken

Episode 5

Double Dealings


SEP is played off Overwatch. Secrets are sold. Stacks are stolen. Reprisals are made. Exhumans are framed. Nobody knows who wants what; the only thing that is certain is that none of the employment options are attactive.

  • meet the snufalupagus aboard the listening post. wierd, but not too bad. They describe a desire to stay in touch with transhumanity and a drive to continue to identify as exhumans, rather than pushing for a transcendant goal. Hence, it is not in their character to have approached the TITAN infestation at Logos. They want to know about what happened as much as RTK does, and agree to send a representative to meet with Gabriel
  • Gabriel wants the exhumans destroyed, as he views them as a threat. RTK seriously considers but eventually turns down the job
  • conversation transcripts are given to Wednesday in payment
  • Zaius meets a researcher he knew from Mars who sheds more light on the large project going on, and where all the bandwidth is going
  • RTK fights off an abush, seemingly by ammature gang members but perplexingly coordinated. Some fancy “sousveilance” work reconstructs the scene of the crime, and they trace their attackers back to their points of origin, identifying their criminal factions.
  • A criminal group attacks Tasha while she is traveling alone, and steals her stack. Her cyberbrain is fine and stacks are cheap, so once he spine is reconnected she is okay.
  • Reprisals are paid out as RTK infiltrates the faction who stole the stack, and they retrieve the hardware before the encryption can be broken on the stack. Fortuneatly the overloaded farcasters limit the risk of copies of the ego leaking elsewhere.
  • Covering their tracks, Wednesday is framed for the operation
  • Magu shows back up with Kulu, and tells them that SEP needs them, there is a Project Ozma agent working against them somewhere on this very station…



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