Release the Kraken

Episode 6

Mutiny on the Catana


  • oh noes, the Ozma agent is Gabriel! dun-dun-dun! This does not actually change anyones feelings about the situation. If anything, RTK is a bit begrudging about going back to work for Magu and SEP.
  • while Magu is imploring RTK to get Ozma off their backs by any means necessary (no, assassinating the agent wont actually get them off their backs) the station shakes. Wednesdays sections have been destroyed by kill-sats. Probably because of the frame job.
  • Magu describes factions within the Ultimates. Some they have been supporting while they fought others. There is no longer a militant Ultimate presence on Kronos, but there is a strong Ultimate “Meme” that is militantly pro-transhuman and has just tipped agains the exhumans. This meme has been one of SEPs major investments
  • Gabriel is interested in a Ice Mine that SEP recently purchased down on Reha, he suspects it might have something to do with the larger project. He “leaks” news of a possible attack to give RTK cause to go down on behalf of SEP to defend / investigate.
  • The mine is in the business of cracking H2O for the H and compressing it into metalic cylindars which are launced into orbit by a railgun to refule ships. They used to have a large Ice Core mining device (it extracts long cones 200M in diamater at the base, and 1KM long) but one of the SEP companies sold it off.
  • The attack occurs, RTK repells it. It was a big deal — low altitude insertion of power armor, lots of seekers, plasma guns, the works.
  • Magu is glad they happened to “find” that intel and has another job that happens to require the use of the Ice mine — RTK is to assist in a mutiny aboard an Ultimate ship which is parked at Reha for refueling. the Ice Mine has a scheduled metalic hydrogen launch, and RTK is to stow away onboard it and infiltrate via the ships fuel system.
  • Despite how bad that sounds, it goes off mostly without problems. Sympathizers help RTK clear out loyaltists, and a faction sympathetic to SEP’s meme investment are put in charge of the destroyer.
  • The Ultimates aboard the ship display a samaurai mentality rather than the nazi chic of the others they had interacted with. Karls guns down the captain, or the captain commits suicide, depending on your point of view. Kulu takes a few shots – but mostly because we didnt have enough time for him to blow through an outside wall like he wanted, instead of through the interior door were the ambush was.



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